Research & Development Focus

At Impax Pharmaceuticals, we are focused on applying our technical formulation and drug development expertise to the challenge of creating next-generation CNS products.

The Research Challenge

Due to a marked increase in the number of people over 65 and advances in scientific understanding, the demand and the potential for more safe and effective medicines for CNS disorders is growing rapidly.

Developing new therapies for CNS disorders means addressing a wide array of research challenges and unmet medical needs. Scientists are still learning about the key neurological mechanisms of action associated with different conditions. In addition, we need to identify good targets for CNS drugs, assess therapeutic efficacy, find reliable biomarkers to guide decision making, and learn how to improve the efficacy or tolerability of existing therapies. Fortunately, advances in our understanding of CNS disorders, new research insights, emerging imaging and other technologies are adding to our core understanding. 

Approaches to Research Discovery

One important area of research into new CNS drugs is to improve the tolerability and duration of action for existing beneficial treatments. Impax is actively conducting research in this area, focusing on products where we can apply our technical insight to create new treatments to deliver improved efficacy and better overall patient outcomes.